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My love of art began when, as a 12-year-old, I walked to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. His range of subject matter and the emotion he expressed by color and paint application so impressed me. I was immediately hooked, but because of my lack of confidence, I didn’t start painting until I was 25.

As an adult, I graduated with honors from the Community College of Baltimore, where I majored in art. My work has been exhibited in various venues, including several one-woman shows in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. I have also shown it in Redwood City and Palo Alto in California.

My paintings are essentially an emotional response to the subject matter, be it natural or abstract. Sometimes, I don’t have a definite idea in mind when I begin, so I just start with a brush stroke or a patch of color and let the panting evolve as an exploratory composition of line, form and color.

There is so much violence and evil in the world, I hope I can contribute a little bit of beauty.​


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